CPA Enrolment

CPA Project Cycle

The participation process allow projects to enrol into any of the PoAs in a quick and efficient manner.   The process of accessing the international carbon markets is essentially comprised of 2 distinct phases: a Registration/Inclusion phase and a Monitoring & Verification phase.

Registration/Inclusion Phase: This phase involves reviewing the project activity, compiling the required CDM documentation and engaging with an accredited auditor to validated the project and upload to the UNFCCC registration system.  Before beginning to write the CDM Project Design Documents and prepare for validation the African Sustainability Initiative requires the project developer or their carbon consultant to conduct an eligibility study to ensure the project is able to comply with the CDM eligibility criteria and the monitoring requirements.  Once a positive eligibility study has been received the ASI will facilitate the inclusion process.

Monitoring & Verification Phase: Once the project has been successfully included in the PoA the monitoring phase commences. In this phase the monitoring system as described in the PDD is implemented and coupled to the ASI monitoring system.  ASI will ensure that QA/QC measures are observed and corrective actions taken as required.  At a predetermined milestone the ASI will contract a second auditor to undertake the verification process.  This process assures that all emission reductions are real, permanent and measurable and are calculated in accordance with the rules and regulations of the UNFCCC.