In the carbon constrained world of today, there is an ever increasing awareness of the effects of climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions. More and more organisations therefore feel the need to get in full control of their carbon performance.

The African Sustainability Initiative (ASI) is a South African company that is looking for ways to help transition the African economy onto a greener, cleaner more sustainable path.

The carbon markets are one such solution as they improve the economic attractiveness of projects which have positive climate impacts.  ASI commissioned the registration of 5 programmes which collectively offer support to the sectors of the green economy with high potential.  These programmes, collectively known as the Sustainability Platform, allow for solar, hydro, wind, wave, geothermal, energy efficiency and methane destruction projects to benefit from the carbon market at significantly reduced start-up costs.

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Classic Business features a new source of funding for renewables

African Sustainability Initiative Director Sean Buchanan appeared as a guest on Glenn Lewington’s Classic Business show yesterday evening where he discussed the how the Elltrix Program can be utilised by small project developers to make solar based projects more economically attractive.  Get the podcast here.

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Going green: A new source of funding

Entrepreneur South Africa features an article on the Elltrix Program and explains how micro to medium sized project developers can access the carbon markets to make their projects more economically attractive.

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